The Record Breaking Swim!

Hurray! The record has been broken! On Monday August 22, 2005, Ken slid into the frigid waters of Lake Tahoe at 5:30 AM. Swimming for 11 hours and 19 minutes, he swam an awesome 22.1 miles from Camp Richardson to Incline Village in record time. Congratulations Ken!

Click here to see Ken's split times.

Click here to see Carolyn McArdle, Morning Show Host on 101.7 KKIQ FM, offering well-deserved congratulations.

Preparing to swim 22 miles or 38,720 yards in open water requires extensive experience in training and completing difficult open water swims. The weekly swim training involves a minimum of 20,000 yards or 800 lengths of a 25 yard pool up to a year before the event. As the date of the event approaches the distance per week should be the distance of the event three to four months prior, i.e. 40,000 yards or 1600 lengths. A typical workout is 4,000 yards and involves a main timed set of between 2400-3000 yards. There is also a kick set with specialized fins for strengthening lower body and usually some swim paddles are used to reinforce efficient stroke technique when fatigue sets in.

2003 Width of Tahoe Crossing vs. Six-Person Relay Teams


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